Monday, February 26, 2007

Introduction of DMB in Korea

Here is the link to a research project that I completed last year (2006) on the subject of Mobile TV. The project basically looked at the Korean market--the first major market to go live with Mobile TV Broadcasting--and how the Korean experience was relevant to other emerging markets in America and Europe.

The research project was commissioned and sponsored by Arqiva, a broadcasting infrastructure company in London. And the project eventually became by graduation project for Sloan Fellowship at London Business School.

Some of the key topics covered are:
  • Historical background of mobile TV broadcasting in Korea
  • Technical standards of mobile TV
  • Observed usage patterns
  • Communal video content consumption vs. individual video content consumption
    Time-shifting and space-shifting TV
  • Subscription vs. Free-to-Air
  • Non-mobile devices including in-vehicle receivers
Follow the following link: The Introduction of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting in Korea (

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